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From Concept to wall, with Carmine Warren

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019


From concept to design, styling, taking the image, and hanging it on the wall. Join us for a live demonstration with Carmine Warren at the Orange Studio.

Please note the earlier program start time, Carmine has so much to share with us, we don't want to miss a minute!!

Program Description:

From Concept to Wall,

Carmine Warren brings a unique quality to his work; he makes his own props and costumes. This allows the freedom and creativity from concept to the finished product on the wall. His niche is, you just show up. He will have everything you need for the shoot.

Carmine is going to share with us some of his creative processes, demonstrate a product called Worbla and he is featured on He will also have some of his costume pieces available for you to see, touch and hold. Following the Demonstration, We will have a live model that you can take a few shots with one of his costumes.

Please join us and see some of the amazing pieces and learn how you can take your creativity to a new level.


Members: admission is included with your membership

NON-Members: $20


6:00pm Doors Open

6:30-9:00p Program with guest speaker, Carmine Warren

-Location: Orange Studios, street parking is free.

- Plan to eat before or after the meeting, check out some of the great restaurants nearby

Carmine Warren originally from Revere MA, currently resides in Orlando Florida. Carmine has always had a passion for photography ever since his mother placed a camera in his hands when he was about 8 years old and it never left.

He has strived to make a statement with his work and decided to pursue creating images, rather than taking images. Starting down a path to creative photography and designing costumes for his photography. He ventured into a unique area of creativity and artistry, by blending different medias from thermoplastics, custom handmade clothing, elaborate headpieces, body paint and so much more. Carmine created Living Art.

From a thought to a final creative image, Carmine’s work is a visual experience for everyone to enjoy.

His different approach to thermoplastics has inspired lots of artists to explore Worbla and his work is featured on, He has introduced so many people to this new media and encourages people to explore their creativity. Worbla has published several of his tutorials on, Join Carmine for one of his seminars and workshops on thermoplastics and take your creativity to another level.

Check out more of Carmine's awesome work here: